Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Solution for Surplus Corn Flakes and Snickers Bars

My darling husband agreed to pick the recipe for yesterday's dinner and to order the groceries from Amazon Fresh. He chose corn-flake crusted chicken. When the grocery order arrived, I discovered that we had a corn flake surplus situation on our hands. Check out the size of the box:
I started to explore corn flake recipes and settled on the Crispy Chocolate Bars recipe on the side of the box. Basically, you melt 1 c chocolate chips, 1 c butterscotch chips and 1/2 c peanut butter over low heat. Remove from heat, mix in 5c corn flakes and press into 9x9 pan. The resulting bar is very sweet and takes me back to my childhood in the Midwest.

My Facebook post about the corn flake surplus inspired my friend, Sara Jones, to share her Snickers bar surplus. She bought full-size Snickers bars for Halloween and still had a dozen left over. We jokingly searched for a recipe using Snickers bars. When the same recipe came up seven times, we decided we had to try it. Here are the ingredients (plus 3/4 c melted butter):

I'm ordinarily suspicious of any recipe involving cake mix, but these brownies are delicious. They are chewy and not too sweet. For the full recipe on All Recipes, click here or Bing Snickers bar brownies.

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Jones said...

what can i say..I haven't made my batch yet. This is inspirational. Onto my own chewy goodness. bye bye snicker bars.